From material handling and cutting through to intelligent conveying, we've got it automated.


Truss Transfer

Truss transfer holding timber truss frames

Move full stacks of trusses, eliminate bottlenecks at the stacking station and take pressure off the forklift. Move a stack right away.

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Pack feeder machine

Automate your infeed, eliminate human errors and keep up with your saw. The saw calls for lumber, the Packfeeder delivers it – correct length and grade, every time.

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StakPro Truss

StakPro Truss

Designed to improve production, reduce risk and automate at a level that suits you. Add it upfront or upgrade later.

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Stak n Gap – AIT

Stak-n-gap with bow detect & flip

It’s not easy to keep up with a Razer! Reduce error and remove risk at the infeed stage with the Stack n Gap Auto Infeed Table (AIT)

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StakPro Frame

Stack Pro Frame with timber

Stack your frames effortlessly. The StakPro Frame improves production times and reduces injury risk via a semi or fully automated operation.

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Razer V5

Raser V5 Linear Saw for timber and truss frame cutting

Delivering maximum safety, improved production, greater accuracy and the flexibility to suit your space, budget and cutting needs.

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Razer S5

Raser S5 Linear Saw for timber and truss frame cutting

Manufactured to the same exacting standards as the Razer V5, installed in 25% less floor space.

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