Razer V5

Delivering maximum safety, improved production, greater accuracy and the flexibility to suit your space, budget and cutting needs.

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Raser V5 Linear Saw for timber and truss frame cutting

Whydo you need the V5?

  • The Razer V5 has the smallest footprint in the industry!
  • Compatible with all nail plate software
  • Customized for your processes- left-to-right or right-to-left configuration
  • Freedom to completely manoeuvre its blade universally around the lumber
  • Any single or multiple cut component required including bevelling, trenching and drilling
  • Capable of cutting stacked boards on top of one another or side by side
V5 linear saw

Is it time to automate your cutting process?

The Razer V5 supports any combination of manual or automated material handling systems, dust extraction and extended waste conveyors.

You can fully customize the Razer V5 saw  to meet your exact budget, layout and operational needs.



The finished product has not only met, but exceeded our expectations. With the minimal footprint of the PackFeeder, the accuracy, speed and reliability of the Razer V5, the speed and efficiency of the Material Conveyor system, and the overall support by this team we are extremely pleased with the outcome.

~Josh Wright V.P. of Manufacturing The Truss Company, USA

We achieved 43% growth, since the advanced training we are still having record months!

~The Truss Company
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FAQ’sabout the V5 Linear Saw

  • What cuts can be achieved with the Razer V5 saw?

    Straight, Single/compound bevel, Taper, Birdsmouth (zero overcut), Trenching (3 sides), Rip, Bevel rip, Notch, Drill

  • What Production Volume can the Razer V5 support?

    300-350 typical truss components per hour
    450-550 typical frame components per hour

  • How accurate are the cuts?

    Standard truss components cut within +-1mm
    Frame components cut within +-0.5mm

  • Is the positioning of the dust extractor fixed?

    As with all Vekta equipment, the location of the dust extraction system and the waste conveyor can be customized. 

  • How can I be sure my Razer V5 is fully optimized?

    The Razer software known as ‘Simple’, has highly flexible optimizing algorithms that will process thousands of ways to cut a job and come up with the best solution- instantly. The best combination for your cutting requirements and specifications be it saving waste or cost.

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