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Vekta Automation is a dynamic company specialising in manufacturing customised automation for the component manufacturing industry. Our American Made, innovative product range includes the Razer Linear Saw, automated infeed and outfeed systems, superior printing capability, finished product handling and stacking systems. By combining expert Engineering knowledge, actual industry experience and a customer centric business, Vekta has become the most trusted supplier of automated machinery for the component manufacturing industry throughout America, Australia and New Zealand.

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COVID-19 – Was This in Your Risk Analysis?

Every astute business owner has a risk analysis with plans to mitigate those risks. Within the Component Manufacturing industry, elements such as housing downturn, hacking of systems, machine failings, and staff safety concerns would generally make up the topics. I’d put money on the fact…

StakPro – Scherer Bros. Truss Manufacturing

The StakPro design offers many advantages over other stacking equipment which we find appealing. Their compact footprint makes for easy installation among existing outdoor rollers, their modular design allows them to be placed in whatever manner best accommodates a truss plant’s product mix and the…

Taking The Plunge

Taking the Plunge Kallen Hair Sales and Engineering Manager, Vekta USA One of the many realities of living in the upper Midwest is dealing with the cold and icy conditions of its sometimes perilous winter. So you can imagine as an Australian native, where the…


Help is on-hand 24/7 with our engineers who design and build the machines.

Vekta understands that a Linear Saw becomes an essential part of a Truss and Frame Plant. If a saw is down, production, deadlines and reputation can also suffer. At Vekta nothing takes a higher priority than a customer with a technical problem – NOTHING!

America’s Top Destination for Component Saws

Are you in the truss and frame industry?

Are you in the component manufacturing industry?

Vekta is your top destination for advanced automation solutions. We manufacture innovative, American-made machinery that not only increases production and improves safety, but will also enhance your prefabricated housing business. Through a combination of superior technical knowledge and extensive industry experience we are able to provide customised automotive solutions for your manufacturing plant. With a specialty in quality automation, you can rest assured that the component saws we have for sale are second-to-none and they are made right here in Minnesota, USA.

Premium Advanced Automation Products

The cutting edge Vekta product range is helping component manufacturing plants across America to thrive. Vekta strives for excellence and continuous improvement in everything we do. Our two primary products – the  V5 linear saw and S5 Razer saws – are a testament of our commitment to continuously do better. Each of our component saws was developed through a rigorous quality control process. They feature an electronically locked cutting chamber, a moving floor conveyor to effectively handle waste, high flow dust extraction, and low operating noise so your operators can operate with maximum ease and minimum risk.

The other products in Vekta’s range, include raw material handling- PackFeeder and Outfeed systems; Precision Plate Printer- P3 Printer; Finished product transfers and handling systems- Truss Transfer System, StakPro Frame and StakPro Truss. Each piece of equipment is customized to suit your manufacturing requirements, your budget, your business. When you purchase a component saw from Vekta, you can enjoy the peace of mind that Vekta Support Engineers are available to you 24/7.

Discover the Vekta difference today.

Component Saws, for sale – high quality guaranteed

If you’re interested in how Vekta can make a positive difference in your business reach out to our friendly team by calling  +1 763 566 0781 Alternatively, you can get in touch by filling in our contact form and we will get back to you shortly to discuss your enquiry.

We look forward to helping your business grow!