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We support you, with fully trained, Vekta-certified Mechatronic Engineers.


With automated infeed, cutting and material handling, you’ll be operating at optimal efficiency, but what happens when something stops?

Solid track record

Nothing takes a higher priority than you. At Vekta, we believe in delivering an outstanding customer experience; We Listen, We Analyze and We Act.

When you need us, we’re ready and waiting. Our engineers are expert problem solvers, and they’re just a phone call away. 

Vekta engineers working on machinery

Expert advice, premium service

We understand complex issues can arise in automation, and we know it can get expensive when machines break down or slow down over time. That’s why we developed a  support network that’s available to you 24/7.

Our experienced engineers will work with you to diagnose and fix,  optimize your workflows or adjust your production priorities.

Vekta engineers working with software

The finished product has not only met, but exceeded our expectations. With the minimal footprint of the PackFeeder, the accuracy, speed and reliability of the Razer V5, the speed and efficiency of the Material Conveyor system, and the overall support by this team we are extremely pleased with the outcome.

~Josh Wright V.P. of Manufacturing The Truss Company, USA

Vekta’s sense of urgency and willingness to support their product and brand is as good as I have seen…

~Dahlsens Shepparton

The accuracy of the saw is impressive, and the back-up service from Ed and the Team is second to none.

~Dahlsens Ballarat
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Is it time FOR Automation?

It’s a big change, and a big commitment. We understand that and want you to feel as confident as we are when you buy our Australian made machinery.

Talk to an Engineer

Whyis our support so good?

Specialist engineers

Our field engineers are industry experts, providing mechanical, electrical and software support. They are highly trained Mechatronic (Robotical) Engineers.

Trained & trusted

Our engineers complete an intensive in-house training course so you can be confident that they will understand every aspect of our products and solutions.

always available

This specialist support is available to you 24/7 via engineers in USA, Australia and New Zealand.

Vekta Rescue

Our online self-help portal means you can track your support tickets and full access to detailed documentation – just to make your life easier.