Flexible and modular frame fabrication solutions to suit every plant and budget



Whydo you need the AutoNailer?

  • Full integration with our range of conveying, finishing and stacking options 
  • Backed up by our engineers around the world with 24/7 support
  • Full range of complimentary machines that can handle every facet of framing – Nog Nailers and Nog Masters for component cutting and nailing
  • Customisable sizing and delivery options to suit your plant setup and needs
  • Intelligence guidance systems, meaning less downtime needed train new staff and more time spent building
  • One touch clamping and and nailing of top and bottom plates
  • Flexible options for stud and stud-nog component assembly and delivery

The finished product has not only met, but exceeded our expectations. With the minimal footprint of the PackFeeder, the accuracy, speed and reliability of the Razer V5, the speed and efficiency of the Material Conveyor system, and the overall support by this team we are extremely pleased with the outcome.

~Josh Wright V.P. of Manufacturing The Truss Company, USA

We’ve grown over 50% in the last two years, the saw has been a big part to play in that from a cutting point of view. Knowing that we could do that and having extra capacity up our sleeve is of real benefit

~The Truss Joint

The printing options on the members has endless opportunities. Being able to print on the edge as well as the flat is a very impressive feature..

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FAQsAbout AutoNailer framing solutions

  • What is the throughput of the Autonailer??

    The AutoNailer can produce 650-1300 linear feet of complete frame per 8 hour shift. The standard (manual) nailer can product 450-800 linear metres.

  • How does the AutoNailer work?

    Stud or Stud-Nog components are built on a Nog Nailer (just nailing, great if you cut your own nogs and studs already) or the Nog Master (one touch cutting and nailing of components, the all in solution). They are then delivered to a buffer for the AutoNailer operator to place and auto nailer between the top and bottom plates, the AutoNailer then clamps the frame, nails and progressors the frame to the next position for component insertion.

  • What is the difference between the AutoNailer and Standard Nailer

    The Standard Nailer is our budget frame fabrication system, it can be upgraded to the AutoNailer at any time by adding the smart frame progressors, intelligent guidance touch screen and a few extra safety components

  • How many operators do I need for the AutoNailer?

    A full time operator on the Autonailer will give maximum efficiency, 0.5 man hours are required for the Nog Master or Nog Nailer to reach maximum efficiency. Giving you flexibility on either a finishing table (also available) or to run a second set of Nog assmblers.

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