The Razer Saws and P3 Printer will ensure every cut is optimized. Less waste, less stress.


Razer V5

Raser V5 Linear Saw for timber and truss frame cutting

Delivering maximum safety, improved production, greater accuracy and the flexibility to suit your space, budget and cutting needs.

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Razer S5

Raser S5 Linear Saw for timber and truss frame cutting

Manufactured to the same exacting standards as the Razer V5, installed in 25% less floor space.

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P3 Printer

p3 printer

Designed specifically for the needs of the Truss and Frame Industry, printing that is accurate, high quality and keeps up with your saw.

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Eliminate bottlenecks and keep things moving with our heavy duty post-cutting options.


Framing solutions that will increase the productivity of your framing line.

Material Handling

Infeed automation that eliminates human errors and keeps up with the speed of your saw.

Automation In Action