StakPro Frame

Stack your frames effortlessly. The StakPro Frame improves production times and reduces injury risk via a semi or fully automated operation.

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Stack Pro Frame with timber

StakPro Frame

Whydo you need it?

  • Removes the hazardous manual handling task and the risk for one or many people 
  • Speed, efficient and increased plant productivity
  • Modular system option which can be easily integrated and added at a later stage
  • Can support Trusses up to 100Kg with fast cycle times of between 25 – 45 seconds
  • Can be integrated into current systems to individual user specifications and requirements



The finished product has not only met, but exceeded our expectations. With the minimal footprint of the PackFeeder, the accuracy, speed and reliability of the Razer V5, the speed and efficiency of the Material Conveyor system, and the overall support by this team we are extremely pleased with the outcome.

~Josh Wright V.P. of Manufacturing The Truss Company, USA

We’ve grown over 50% in the last two years, the saw has been a big part to play in that from a cutting point of view. Knowing that we could do that and having extra capacity up our sleeve is of real benefit

~The Truss Joint

The printing options on the members has endless opportunities. Being able to print on the edge as well as the flat is a very impressive feature..

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FAQ’sabout StackPro Frame

  • Does the StakPro Frame work with my existing jig system?

    Yes, the booms utilise heavy duty caster wheels coupled with guided rail mounts and can be moved to fit where they are needed, they also come with height adjustable footplates

  • How much room would I need for a StakPro Frame?

    Width is 2.5′ and length is 14′ , the extension stroke is 20′ so in total ~32′.

  •  Do they come weight calibrated?

    Each system is calibrated at a safe working environment with a safe load of 80Kg

  • Which direction is the stacking configured?

    You have the option of stacking either away or towards the direction of the apex of the truss.

  • Is the StakPro easy to maintain?

    That’s the best part, it is a simple and reliable solution that is designed to be easy to maintain and repair.

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