The Vekta Packfeeder V2 ensures that your Razer will never be waiting for timber. The ultimate automatic infeed system- speed, compact size, customisable and it completely eliminates picking errors.


  • The Vekta Packfeeder V2 picks and delivers the exact timber your saw asks for.
  • Timber is loaded into the system from only one location.
    Longer lengths of timber are stored above shorter lengths resulting in a footprint that  is only about 25% of an equivalent system. Not 25% less but actually 25% OF the equivalent system!
  • The Packfeeder V2 is capable of picking up two boards at once.
  • A gantry moves back and forth along the packs and collects the specific piece that the Razer has requested.
  • A powerful vacuum picks up the board or boards and delivers it to the infeed deck. The gantry then gets the next piece requested.
  • The Packfeeder can process timber from 70mm up to 300mm wide.
  • Designed to have minimal preventative maintenance requirements
    It only takes 15 seconds flat to collect two boards from the furthest pack of timber and deliver them to the infeed- travelling 7.5meters.


  • The Packfeeder V2 can be customised for your space requirements.
  • The infeed system can take up to 6 packs of timber on the bottom level and 6 packs on the top level.


  • State of the art safety system including full safety fencing around the machine, designed to meet Vekta’s high safety standards, while not getting in the way of getting the job done.
  • Gates where you need them.
  • Low fences allowing timber to be pulled manually should the need arise.
  • Automatic parking system on the machine- If someone wants to gain access the machine will automatically stop.