Vekta Rescue – Simple Software

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Vekta Rescue – Simple Software

Simple Software now integrates with Vekta’s new on-line help system!

Vekta Rescue aims to give every site the possibility of solving a problem immediately- minimising down time and effects on production.

Vekta Rescue is more than a help system.

Features include:

  • Daily/ Weekly/ Monthly Maintenance Schedule- With links to detailed instructions on how to complete each task.
  • Service Schedule- Check off list about what needs to be covered in a service and detailed instructions on how to complete tasks.
  • Training section- Can be used for new employees or as a refresher course when needed.
  • Troubleshooting- Working in conjunction with the Razer Saw diagnostics- a problem will be identified and options and step-by-step procedures to rectify the problem will be offered to the operator.
  • Two staff members are dedicated to developing Vekta Rescue, changes, improvements and additions are being added daily.

    Make sure you check out the link from Simple (specific for your Razer) or read more about Vekta Support here.

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