Testimonial – Bruce Wallace


Testimonial – Bruce Wallace

In July 2017 we installed our Vekta Razor S5, about 18 months on we asked if there was a chance for the Vekta guys to give us some advanced training?

We thought we were doing quite well, however I had some questions and queries to our operators and was questioning the way we were doing some things and why we still had offcuts ‘to reuse’ and some of the ‘waste lengths’ were questionable!!

After the install and initial training we were asking many questions regularly!! Knowing ‘The saw can do so much’ and we were just using it the best way we knew. Our operators had a good understanding of the Razor S5 however I wanted them to have a ‘greater’ understanding. My theory is that after 18 months of operations we would be better suited to understand and accept the more advanced techniques and language used by the Vekta team.

After talking with Ed he believed it was a great idea and the timing was about right. Ryan came and did an update and maintenance and then stayed an extra day to cut a couple of jobs with the boys all the time asking and showing different options and a better/easier/quicker way to do things. Our operators were open minded and accepted many of the suggestions and were delighted to have Ryan explain in a language we now understand. Vekta advanced training was of great benefit to our business.

In 2018 we achieved 43% growth, since the advanced training we are still having record months!! Still with plenty of capacity up our sleeve for future growth.


Bruce Wallace
The Truss Joint

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