Size and versatility


Vekta Razer saws are designed specifically for the Truss and Frame industry. Both the V5 and S5 Razer saw modules take up just 2.1m2. In comparison, all other saws on the market are larger, some more than four times the size. In a factory, floor space and how it is used is important, with the Razer saws you don’t need to look at Real Estate to automate.

Support and service


When you chose a linear saw, you are also choosing the technical support you want to receive. At Vekta, customer service and technical support are the highest priority- everything else comes second. Vekta offers support 24/7 from the actual software developers and engineers of the machine. All Razer saws include a battery powered camera system which allows an operator to show a remotely connected engineer what the problem is in real time. From offering electrical or mechanical drawings, remote log-in or even sending someone to site, Vekta guarantees to fix the problem and get you cutting again with the shortest downtime possible.

Smart Investment


Vekta sincerely believes the Razer saw is the best linear saw on the market. However a key difference Vekta provides is our pursuit for excellence. What does this mean for our customers? Machinery is continuously being developed and improved with all changes available to existing customers. Vekta also focuses on enhancing and adding new features and benefits to our software. New versions are released every four to six months and are available to all existing customers. Vekta is also committed to developing new-to-market products such as the P3 printer, specifically for the Truss and Frame industry, specifically for your business.