Size and versatility


Vekta Razer saws are designed specifically for the Truss and Frame industry. Both the V5 and S5 Razer saw modules take up just 2.1m2. In comparison, all other saws on the market are larger, some more than four times the size. In a factory, floor space and how it is used is important, with the Razer saws you don’t need to look at Real Estate to automate.

Support and service


When you chose a linear saw, you are also choosing the technical support you want to receive. At Vekta, customer service and technical support are the highest priority- everything else comes second. Vekta offers support 24/7 from the actual software developers and engineers of the machine. All Razer saws include a battery powered camera system which allows an operator to show a remotely connected engineer what the problem is in real time. From offering electrical or mechanical drawings, remote log-in or even sending someone to site, Vekta guarantees to fix the problem and get you cutting again with the shortest downtime possible.

Smart Investment


Vekta sincerely believes the Razer saw is the best linear saw on the market. However a key difference Vekta provides is our pursuit for excellence. What does this mean for our customers? Machinery is continuously being developed and improved with all changes available to existing customers. Vekta also focuses on enhancing and adding new features and benefits to our software. New versions are released every four to six months and are available to all existing customers. Vekta is also committed to developing new-to-market products such as the P3 printer, specifically for the Truss and Frame industry, specifically for your business.

Photo of Jeff Serrano



Jeff Serrano, Ed’s younger brother is the third owner of Vekta Automation. Jeff always had an interest in Mechanical Engineering which saw him attend University at Purdue, USA. From the outset, Jeff brought fresh and clever ideas to address mechanical shortcomings of the Razer Saw and ancillary equipment resulting in Vekta equipment being more reliable, having improved functionality and being easier to maintain. In October 2014, Jeff started the US Manufacturing facility- Vekta USA in Minnesota. Jeff married Ashley in 2015 and they are about to welcome their first baby, pushing their three cats down the line of importance.

Photo of Ed Serrano

ED SERRANO | Director


Ed is the Managing Director of Vekta Automation. Born in the USA, he moved to Australia to study Mechatronic Engineering at Curtin University. Ed graduated in 2004 with Honours and then started working for PFP Technologies with the Razer Linear Saw. In 2009, Ed purchased the IP and rights to the Razer saw and formed Vekta Automation with his wife and brother. Ed has over 14 years experience with industrial automation projects specifically for the timber Truss and Frame industry. With a solid understanding of the conditions and needs of truss plants and his experience in industrial automation, he has helped many plants improve their production and business through automation. Ed’s success in combining his abilities as an Engineer and a Business Director was officially recognised when he was named the 2018 Winner for the Medium Business Category- 40under40 in the Business News Awards. However, if asked what he’s most proud of, Ed would always say his family! Two beautiful little girls, a cheeky son and an amazing wife are what really makes Ed tick! His family is the only thing that takes a higher priority in his life.

Adam Boldig Production Manager

ADAM BOLDIG | General Manager


Adam has been involved in the truss and frame industry since 2004 where he was a lead truss builder with a modular home manufacturer. In 2009 he completed his B.S in Business Administration with management emphasis from the University of Wisconsin-Platteville giving him the perfect background for his role as General Manager at Vekta USA. Adam is fortunate to have experienced multiple fronts in the T&F industry; producer and end-user. Giving him a unique insight- he knows what Vekta equipment can do and also understands what truss/wall manufacturers are looking for when purchasing equipment. Adam takes a great deal of pride in not only his work, but also the work of every Vekta employee, believing ‘It takes all of us to achieve success.’ Adam’s claim to fame is performing live on stage with the comedians from the tv show “Whose Line is it Anyway!” with his wife Megan. In 2017, Adam spent time cross-training with Vekta Australia- his highlight, showing the Australian’s and his son Benjamin (4 years old) that when you grow up on a Wisconsin horse ranch- you know how to crack a whip!

Kallen Hair: Sales and Engineering Manager

KALLEN HAIR | Sales and Engineering Manager, Vekta USA


Kallen is a cheerful and dedicated individual from a small town in country Western Australia. Growing up in his father’s workshop, which made its living designing and manufacturing agricultural machinery, he developed a keen interest in robotics and engineering from a young age. This resulted in Kallen completing a Bachelor of Engineering- Mechatronics at Curtin University in 2012. He joined Vekta as a Graduate Mechatronic Engineer in 2013, becoming involved in service and support, research and development of new products and improvements of current products. Kallen has been instrumental in developing Vekta’s excellent reputation for customer service and technical support. In October 2018, Kallen with his wife Leandri and son Mathias; will relocate to Minnesota to manage Sales, Engineering and Customer Relations for Vekta USA. A loss for Australia but a massive gain for Vekta USA. As an avid ice hockey player, Kallen is excited about experiencing a true American ‘face-off’.

Simon Dutton

SIMON DUTTON | Support Engineer


Simon is a man with many talents. From being a commercial helicopter pilot, serving in the Army Reserves to graduating with first class honours in Mechatronic Engineering. In fact he has come full circle with his very first job being in the timber industry and now experiencing first hand how technology is benefiting the industry. Simon has extensive experience in delivering technical support services in fast-paced, high pressured environments and making sound judgements when analyzing problems and creating innovative solutions- perfect combination of skills for Vekta USA. Simon has undergone extensive training with Veka Australia and is excited to bring those skills and benefits to Vekta USA’s customers. Simon has a passion for travelling and adventure activities- in fact he has even swam with freshwater crocodiles and camped under the stars in the Aussie outback.