Optimisation- Did you know?

  • Optimisation software is where the real value of your linear saw lies and all optimising algorithms are NOT created equal. Vekta’s software, named ‘Simple,’ has been developed over the last 20 years and can have a profound effect on the true ROI. Think about how much you spend on timber every year and then think about what just a 1% improvement would save you! Good, proper, flexible optimising is not a feature, it’s a necessity!
  • The most flexible optimising algorithms available ensure that ANY concerns you might have about optimising can be addressed. They can control exactly how much mixing and matching happens to make sure you’re not left with a mess on the outfeed.
    • Control loading orders or the orders boards are cut.
    • Control when certain members can be flipped to save timber and when they can’t.
    • Control EXACTLY how you want waste to be handled.
    • Control when certain timber should be used and the list goes on and on!
  • Optimise with as little or as much responsibility as you want placed on the operator. Operation can be a simple as opening a file and hitting start without any loss of timber efficiency.
  • Detailed statistics to ensure you are getting the most from your system.
  • New versions of Vekta’s ‘Simple’ software are released every 6-9 months with updates available to all customers, no matter when their saw was purchased.
  • Doctorate Mathematicians from an Australian university were tasked with trying to improve the software- they are still working on it.
  • You can optimise at the saw or in the office or on any number of computers.
  • The three main ways to apply Simples optimising system include-
  • Batch optimise- The software has the ability to run through hundreds of jobs, saves the results and produces a summary report to assist in making high level optimizing decisions. The report demonstrates how changes in settings and the length of timber available will affect cost and waste over a large sample of jobs.
  • On the fly optimise- Allows a board of an unknown length to be fed into the saw. The saw takes seconds to automatically measure the length of the timber, and optimize members to suit the piece of timber- a great function for using up off-cut lengths and random packs of timber.

●          Auto-optimize- In the blink of the eye, Simple optimises a job several times (hundreds) with slightly different settings each time. The solution that best suits the customers requirements (cost or waste) is chosen.

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