Product Focus – Getting the most from you Razer


Product Focus – Getting the most from you Razer

The Razer saw has grown in popularity in leaps and bounds over the past ten years and some of the reasons for its success are the abundance of features, extensive configurability, and a level and approach to support that is unique these days. Interestingly, while most of our customers know of many of the details that set us apart, few if any are aware of all of the benefits.  Indeed, the list is extensive and we can’t go into all of them here, but below are a few key points to help you get the most from your saw.

  • Available Upgrades: Few realise that the first V5 Razer saw was built 13 years ago and is actually the longest running version of a linear saw in the world! This is because Vekta’s approach is different to most equipment suppliers. Rather than only releasing new features and upgrades in a new version of a saw, we take the approach of ensuring all new developments are backwards compatible – meaning the very first V5 Razer has a cost-effective upgrade path that can make it every bit as capable as our latest saws. Keep your saw up to date with available upgrades and your saw will remain relevant well beyond the average lifespan of a linear saw.
  • Printing: It’s no secret that our P3 truss and frame printing has set us apart from the crowd, but many don’t realise just how configurable this printing is or that new printing features are released every year. Some of the abilities less commonly known are: overhang marks and dimensions, camber amounts at joints, boot locations, noggin lengths, raking stud position and lengths, bracing locations, and custom images.
  • Production Rates: Razer saws should cut typical truss components at a rate of 300-350 components per hour and frame components at 450-550 components per hour. Not sure what rate your saw is cutting at? Did you know that your saw is broadcasting a lot of information across your internal network, including the production statistics.  Any device located on the same network simply has to open a browser and go to a web page to get live data from the saw.  Another feature often overlooked is that the saw’s actually uptime, that is, the time it is actually cutting each day (the single biggest factor that affects overall productivity), is displayed right on the user interface screen in real time.  Not sure you’re getting everything you should be from your saw?  Ask Vekta to log in and take a look around.  We have a number of tools at our disposal to look into your unique situation and can almost always offer suggestions for improvement!
  • Software Updates: As part of our continuous development, we release new versions of the software every 6-9 months on average. Each new version includes at least a few new key features and several smaller improvements.  What is offered in each version is also available through our Vekta Rescue online help system.
  • Optimizing: There can often be huge savings to be had in lumber savings and the optimizing settings should be regularly reviewed to ensure they remain relevant for your particular plant. Also, many sites aren’t aware that they have the ability to optimize on the fly – the saw measures a given piece of timber and then works out what to cut from it to minimize waste.  This is a fantastic way to chew up those offcuts that tend to occur at the end of a job file – the saw even docked them square for you when the offcut was created, making it even easier to re-use.
  • Courtesy Cuts: Builders on site are notorious for being demanding – especially when it comes to frames. Did you know your V5 Razer can do the courtesy cuts on the bottom side of your bottom plates where the doorways are located? Even when stack cutting and printing the top and bottom plates together.   We use the upper quadrant of the blade to make this possible – a great feature to offer your customers with no extra effort on your part.
  • Vekta Rescue: Many in management do not realise just how much information is available on our Online Help system – Vekta Rescue.  Maintenance and training checklists, training material, procedures, troubleshooting, and much more.  Few also realise that their saw links directly to a custom version of the help system – one that is customized to match their particular saw configuration as close as possible.
  • Customer Portal: Currently you can log into a customer portal and review all previous and current support tickets.  This is a great way to keep on top of what is happening with your saw.  Here soon, you will also be able to order consumables and parts directly from your portal, as well as review invoices and statements.
  • Custom Programming: Have an idea that would really make a difference to your operation? You might be surprised to know that we regularly do custom programming and development work for our customers.  In many cases, we don’t charge for it and we release it as part of our next software update.  At worst, you have the option to pay standard programming rates to get that little feature added.  This can be an extremely powerful tool!

For those that don’t already have first-hand experience with a Razer, you might also be interested to know:

  • Price: Many new customers are surprised to know that an entry level Razer system starts at just $180K USD, fully installed with multiple site visits included. Such a system can be upgraded over time to accommodate the growth and changing needs of your business
  • Configurability: Razer saws remain one of the best uses of space around when it comes to saw options. Every system we sell is built to order and can be customized in any number of ways to suit your factory space and workflows.  Ask us to help you with a layout proposal – obligation free.  We have yet to find a plant we couldn’t fit a Razer into!

The list goes on and on but, to be honest, one of the best ways to ensure you are getting the most from your saw is to pick up the phone! Ask us about those ideas you have that would really help you produce more, make things easier in your factory, or that would be of value to your end customers.  Chances are, we already have it covered but if we don’t, we’ll discuss how we might be able to work with you to tick the box!

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