So what does 10 years look like?

Vekta Razer Saw

So what does 10 years look like?

For anyone who has started a business from scratch you’ll agree that the first year is a write-off. Learning everything from payroll, setting up bank accounts, systems, marketing and recruiting. It is all a blur. Vekta experienced the normal challenges of a start-up, however we also completed our first Research and Development project- the Packfeeder V1 that was installed in America in 2010 and continues to be the main infeed equipment for that company, feeding their Razer Linear Saws across the Midwest States of the US.


  • First Vekta Razer V5 is installed at Rainbow Frame and Truss in Albany, WA.


  • Razer S5- First one was installed in Melton Victoria in 2012. The Razer S5 is now a popular alternative to the V5 in Australia and the USA.
  • AIT- Automatic Infeed Table- Installed in Melton Victoria in 2012


  • Multi Station – direct to jig – kickoff system.
  • Vekta revolutionised printing in the industry with the development of the P3 Printer with the initial focus on frames.


  • The P3 Printer was further enhanced to include truss printing.


  • Opened Vekta USA
  • Follower V1
  • Courtesy Cuts was introduced for the Razer V5.


  • Purchased the rights to the StackPro equipment


  • StackPro Truss was redesigned and improved
  • The Follower was redesigned.


  • The Smart Roller Conveyor and Truss Transfer systems were developed.
  • First Victorian based support Engineer started.


  • StackPro Frame was enhanced.
  • The Packfeeder V2 was developed and sold in a R&D state in both America and Australia. Including the StakNGap and Bow detection and flip modules available in Australia and New Zealand.
  • First New Zealand based Support Engineer started.
  • Second Victorian based Support Engineer started.


  • Packfeeder V2 was installed in America and Australia.
  • P3 Printer gained added features in printing capabilities.
  • Vekta began offering leasing agreements to customers for all products.

To see out 2019 Vekta has a number of research and development projects on the go. We are also hiring a second Support Engineer for New Zealand. Make sure you keep up-to-date with Vekta on LinkedIn and Facebook as we have a number of surprises for the timber frame and truss industry coming in 2020!

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