Featured Product: Vekta Truss Transfer


Featured Product: Vekta Truss Transfer

Can your team move 2500kg of 15m trusses within a few seconds?

With the Vekta Truss Transfer system you can easily eliminate a potential bottleneck in your yard! Move a stack of trusses out of the way with the touch of a button!

In a high volume, efficient facility, the last thing you want is for a stack of trusses to hold up production- even for just a moment. Vekta’s Truss Transfer is a surprisingly simple product that takes the time pressure off your forklift drivers. And… It’s built like a tank! (We know how forklift drives can be…)

Vekta’s Truss Transfers are a heavy-duty chain conveyance system designed to move full stacks of trusses. When a stack of trusses is complete, the Truss Transfers move the stack out of the way immediately. While a new stack is underway, the last stack can be strapped and fork lifted away as time allows. This eliminates a bottleneck at the stacking station or a rush to get a stack moved.

The Truss Transfers are controlled with a remote control. When combined with a StakPro Truss stacking system, or the Smart Roller Conveyor system, the Truss Transfer is controlled by the same remote control as the rest of the system.

  • Move full stacks of trusses so they can be strapped while a new stack is started
  • Extremely heavy-duty transfer chain
  • Simple concept that makes life easier in your yard
  • Built to withstand even the worst forklift drivers
  • Centre way clear to allow a forklift to drive between the transfer chains
  • Easily integrates with roller conveyors and stacking systems

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