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We’re constantly developing innovative products to help your business grow. Products which are innovative and can be customized to your individual business and unique needs. Products like the market leading P3 which prints all the information you need direct onto timber making truss assembly easier and more accurate than ever before. Easier installation means less waste and more orders from your clients.


From helping you with the right purchase to the installation process, to personalized onsite training and providing 24/7 technical support we focus on helping you get the highest performance from your factory so you can exceed your client’s expectations. All Razer saws include a remotely viewable camera so in the unlikely event of a problem our engineers can give real time advice to your operator to get the saw back up and cutting. And because our products are made in the United States you’ll never have a long wait for support or spares.

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We strive for excellence and continuous improvement across everything we do: engineering, the manufacture of our products, software development and effective customer relationships. Through excellent design and rigorous quality control our V5 Razer linear saw offers class-leading safety and accuracy in a package that has the smallest footprint in the industry so it can be dropped just about anywhere you want it to go.


The safety of your workforce is the first design consideration when we develop and engineer our products. Safety remains our prime focus as we move on to manufacture, the installation of the product and training your operators. Each of our linear saws features an electronically locked cutting chamber, a moving floor conveyor to effectively handle waste, high flow dust extraction and low operating noise so your operators can operate with maximum ease and minimum risk.

Safety is top of our list