Vekta Razer V5 vs S5

With the US market being flooded by component saws it is important to consider what features you actually need? Are you paying for features that will never be utilized?

The Vekta Razer Linear saw is offered in two distinct models, the Vekta Razer V5 and the Vekta Razer S5.

The V5 is the full-featured version of the Razer saw and is designed to have maximum flexibility and capability. The V5 can perform trench cuts, drilling, miter cuts at various angles, courtesy cuts (shallow cuts on the underside of wall bottom plates on either side of door openings) zero-overcut birdsmouth cuts and several other functions.

Vekta recognizes that many truss plants do not require a number of these abilities. Therefore, the S5 was developed to suit a plant that was primarily interested in cutting common roof truss components and basic, non-raking wall frames. By replacing some of the servo-driven movements with pneumatic actuators and the hydraulic motor with a high power density servo motor for the saw blade itself, the result is a linear saw that is 25% less expensive and features tailored specifically to truss plants- Why should you pay for features which you will never use?

The advantages of either the V5 or the S5-

  • They are compatible with ALL NAIL PLATE SOFTWARE! The Razer does not care who supplies the nail plates or even if you regularly change your supplier. Our software works with them all!
  • They can both be customized to suit your needs and your plant. Right to left infeed. Left to right infeed, automatic, manual, Packfeeder infeed. The location of the waste conveyor, location of the dust extractor, the printer- everything can be customized to suit your needs and your budget!
  • Both Razers run on the user friendly software program, ‘Simple’. The Razer’s optimization software is where the real value of the linear saw lies. ‘Simple,’ has been developed over the last 20 years and can have a profound effect on the true ROI. Think about how much you spend on lumber every year and then think about what just a 1% improvement would save you! New versions are released every 6 to 9 months and updates are available to all customers no matter when the saw was purchased.
  • With either system you get the best support and service in the industry from the Vekta USA team located in Minnesota! Vekta’s support and service is provided by Mechatronic (Robotical) Engineers- the experts in all three areas- mechanical, electrical and computer software. Furthermore Vekta provides on-line resources making it easier for our customers to access the information they need. Vekta Rescue is connected to your machinery software, customized to the exact configuration of your machine, updated regularly, accessible for all and easy to understand with diagrams and step-by-step instructions written in plain English.

Not all machines are created equal, contact Vekta USA today to find out if the Razer S5 or Razer V5 is the best fit for your plant, your processes, your business.