StakPro – Scherer Bros. Truss Manufacturing

The StakPro design offers many advantages over other stacking equipment which we find appealing. Their compact footprint makes for easy installation among existing outdoor rollers, their modular design allows them to be placed in whatever manner best accommodates a truss plant’s product mix and the wireless remote control is very intuitive and easy to learn.

The StakPros bring benefits to our truss plant primarily in the areas of efficiency and safety. Using them to move our finished trusses off the outdoor rollers to the location they’re stacked and banded means far less potential for injury by our stacking team compared with manually carrying them. And their capacity to handle our largest trusses means we can perform all stacking operations with minimal staff; no longer needing to interrupt our assembly teams for assistance in carrying the heaviest, largest trusses. This keeps production moving by our build teams staying at the tables.

Lastly, VektaUSA has performed exceedingly well in terms of support, service and responsiveness. They’ve consistently provided a prompt response to our inquiries and when necessary have sent experienced, qualified technicians to assist with installation, training or any follow-up visits as needed. They have a great team that truly wants not only their products, but their customers to succeed as well.

VektaUSA clearly put a lot of thought into the design of their StakPro product line, and we’ve been extremely pleased with them at our truss plant.

Tom Bishop
Operations Manager
Scherer Bros. Truss Manufacturing
Albertville, MN