Software that's simple

Simple Software Version 8

Simple Version 8 has recently been released and the features are fantastic!


Automatic Job Sequencing

Automatic Job Sequencing allows the operator to queue multiple jobs for cutting. The jobs are organized in an order so that the saw can seamlessly progress from one job to the next without stopping, reducing downtime between jobs.

Pre and Post Stacking (Optimization)

A new optimization feature to better suit the way the customer wants to use their saw.

  • Pre-stack members to increase throughput.
  • Post-stack members to conserve on waste.


Batch optimization

  • Optimize multiple files with one click.
  • Optionally print the material loading list for each file.
  • Export detailed optimization results to an Excel spreadsheet. This allows the user to tweak optimization settings and immediately see how it will affect material usage – enabling them to get the best production from their Vekta Razer saw.

Simple V8