Photo of Ed Serrano

ED SERRANO | Managing Director

Ed Serrano is the Managing Director of Vekta Automation in Australia and Vekta USA in North America. Born in the USA, he moved to Australia to study Mechatronic Engineering at Curtin University, graduating with Honours in 2004. Ed’s career with automation began with the Razer Linear Saw at PFP Technologies. In 2009, he purchased the IP and rights to the Razer saw and formed Vekta Automation.

To develop his business skills, Ed completed the Curtin Owners Growth Program focusing on strategic, critical and analytical thinking. Ed has over 16 years’ experience with industrial automation projects specifically for the timber Truss and Frame industry. With a solid understanding of the conditions and needs of truss plants and his experience in industrial automation, he has helped many plants improve their production and business through automation.

Ed’s success in combining his abilities as an Engineer and a Business Director was officially recognised when he was named the 2018 Winner for the Medium Business Category- 40under40 in the West Australian Business News Awards. Vekta Automation has been recognised through a number of award programs in WA and Australia.

AARON BAHNER | General Manage, USA

AARON BAHNER | General Manager, USA

Aaron is the General Manager of Vekta USA, An intelligent and passionate leader, Aaron loves to bring people and ideas together, with his knack for getting the most from his teams and peers. After graduating from The University of North Dakota in 1997 with a Master’s of Science in Industrial Technology his career led him expanding roles in product and equipment design and manufacturing. Most recently Aaron has gained his love for team and business leadership whilst working at Lovegreen Industrial Services as VP and GM.

When Aaron is not busy working, he is spending time supporting the activities of his two kids and planning his next off-road riding or racing adventure. His greatest racing accomplishment is winning the Baja 1000 race in Mexico, It is the longest point to point nonstop racing event in the world. Aaron also enjoys spending time with his wife and two children in the great outdoors, camping, hiking, and kayaking through the American Wilderness.


SHELENA SERRANO | Operations Manager

Shelena is Ed’s better half – married in 2006! A high school teacher before the days of Vekta and kids, Shelena has a strong personality and has always been up for a challenge. Teaching in some of the toughest conditions in Perth, she excelled and was well on her way to formidable roles within the education system. Despite her love for teaching, Shelena’s first priority is also to her family and she gave up the teaching career to raise her kids in the way that only a loving mother can.

Today, Shelena somehow manages to look after the little ones as well as overseeing the Vekta accounts, marketing, and company growth strategies. As if this wasn’t enough, she is on the Executive Board for a large, Not-For-Profit organization (Communicare), has completed a Diploma in Business Governance, and is heavily involved in her children’s schools. She seems to defy logic when it comes to what you might think one person was capable of in a given day, but does so with grace and a smile (most of the time!)

ROELAND VAN WINDEN | Engineering Manager

ROELAND VAN WINDEN | Engineering Manager

Roeland is originally from the Netherlands, but moved to Auckland New Zealand as a child. After high school, he completed a NZ Certificate in Mechanical Engineering and worked for several years before realising the need to further his education and completed a Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Design. During his degree, he worked for a robotic design company where he found his passion for automation and, for his final year project built a robotic arm that poured various drinks for customers at an engineering show, also showing his passion for a nice, cold beer!

Since then Roeland has travelled and worked in the UK, he met his wife Teresa and together they make a great team raising their two sons and a daughter. When he found the position at Vekta everything felt perfect and he is thoroughly enjoying his time back in the automation design seat and a fantastic team and workshop to support him.


GARETH BUTTON | Customer Service Manager

Gareth’s career began in the building industry, spending 15 years as a Roof Tiler, and progressing to Business Owner for six of those years. He has garnered extensive knowledge of his current position at Vekta with his many years of experience in sales and procurement, along with operations and duty and parts Manager for an agricultural machinery manufacturing company in small country town Cunderdin, in Western Australia’s Wheatbelt.

Gareth’s biggest discovery since he began at Vekta has been the amount of automation and technology within the industry, something that he has thoroughly enjoyed learning about.

Gareth is looking forward to using his extensive knowledge and experience to help Vekta’s customers with all current and future needs.


RICARDO NUNEZ | Production Supervisor

Ricardo has been an integral part of the Vekta Team since April 2012. Performing various roles over his years here, he has worked his way up to the position of Production Supervisor.

He is a diligent, hardworking and loyal team member who ensures the Workshop is always running smoothly and that our products are delivered to our customers in a timely and professional manner.

MATT RAMAGE | Senior Mechatronic Engineer (Research and Development)

Matt is a highly skilled Mechatronic Engineer with a diverse skill set and experience covering embedded software, electronics, and mechanical engineering. He has a keen interest in how and why things work, and is highly motivated to constantly improve everything he is working on.

Matt studied at Curtin University in Perth and received his degree in Mechatronic Engineering with Honours before obtaining his doctorate. Before Vekta, Matt started out designing and building the embedded systems for tools and accessories for the Perth Bomb Response Unit’s robot. He then moved to a local aerospace company to lead the development team designing new unmanned aircraft systems. With this history, Matt has a strong focus with safety and reliability being fundamental.

On the weekend you will find Matt with his wife Kristy and son Ben, tinkering with his 3D printer, doing some woodwork to improve the family home, or trying to find a decent movie to watch.

RYAN BURTENSHAW | Service and Support Engineer, Victoria

Ryan is a creative and hardworking problem solver with a flair for innovation and safety. Since 2017, he has brought a versatile engineering skill set to the support team evidenced by his passion for the continuous development and advancement of automated and integrated systems. Ryan holds two engineering degrees from the University of Southern Queensland majoring in Computer Systems and Electrical/Power.

Ryan began his engineering career in the energy sector, working for a power distribution company in Rural Queensland for 6 years before moving to application development.

If Ryan is not on-site on the weekend, he will be inside and avoiding the sun like a vampire with his better half Cill.

Photo of support staff Nick

NICK TISDALL | Service and Support Engineer- New Zealand

In July 2018, Nick Tisdall (Bachelor of Engineering with honours in Mechatronics) joined Vekta’s support team. In November 2018, Nick relocated to Auckland, New Zealand bringing with him the Vekta excellence, knowledge and skills Vekta’s technical Engineering team are renowned for.

Nick has the perfect combination of being mechanically minded, experience servicing many different types of machines, workshop skills including welding, turning and CNC milling plus a passion for programming. At Vekta, he has enjoyed experiencing the amount of time and the level of workmanship from the engineers, programmers, fabricators, fitters and electricians, that goes into building an industrial machine as complex as the Razer. As well as the commissioning and installation process- seeing the Razer cut jobs was a satisfying moment.

Nick enjoys fishing, hunting and diving and going on adventures with his partner Jade and their two dogs. His family come from Tavewa island in Fiji that is only 3 square kilometres with no roads.

ARJUNA HANAFI | Software Engineer

ARJUNA HANAFI | Service and Support Engineer, Victoria

Arjuna joins our team with a Bachelor of Technology with Distinction, 2004 Major in Mechanical Engineering from Deakin University as well as a Master of Science, 2006 Major in Mechanical Engineering Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

He has over 20 years of experience in installation, testing, commissioning and maintenance of mechanical and electromechanical systems and is looking forward to utilizing his skill set in helping our customers with all of their needs. Since beginning with Vekta Arjuna has been interested in the key role automation is playing in the sustainable use of timber in the building and construction industry.

Arjuna is a huge fan of soccer and supports Western United in Victoria and West Ham United in the UK, and his local AFL team of the Geelong Cats.

USMAN CHAUDHRY | Service and Support Engineer, Victoria

USMAN CHAUDHRY | Service and Support Engineer, Victoria

Having a diverse skill set Usman is excited to bring his electrical and technical knowledge to the Vekta team. After completing a Master of Engineering with Advanced Studies (Sustainable Energy Systems) in 2015 at Griffith University, Usman has worked as a field assessment engineer, a service engineer and a technical service coordinator.

Usman loves the collaborative environment within the Vekta team and is keen to take on new and exciting challenges whilst working with the skilled professionals in the Timber Truss and Frame industry, as well as bringing constructive feedback to the table and seeing it turn from idea into reality.

When Usman is not working, he is spending his days re-watching and bingeing the show FRIENDS, as well as other Movies and TV shows.

MUNAM HAFEEZ | Senior Software Engineer

MUNAM HAFEEZ | Senior Software Engineer

Munam joined the team at Vekta in September 2020, he comes with a wealth of knowledge having over 15 years’ experience in Software Development. He completed his degree in Electrical Engineering with a specialization in Computer Engineering with Honours at the University of Engineering and Technology in Lahore, Pakistan.

Munam worked for Siemens from 2005 – 2019 as Senior Software Engineer Mentor Graphics. He has a willingness to always be learning with the focus on the latest tools and gadgets. Since he began working at Vekta he has come to appreciate what an interesting piece of engineering the nailplate is!

ALEX GEORGE | Mechanical Engineer

ALEX GEORGE | Mechanical Engineer

Alex is a Mechanical Engineer with a background in Defence, Oil and Gas and Aviation. He is very interested in the complexity and variety of the different machines and automatic handling systems in the timber truss industry. The amalgamation of mechanical, mechatronic and control systems is fascinating to him. He completed a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, with First Class Honours, at Curtin University in 2014.

His interests include scuba diving, mountaineering, metalwork and skydiving. Unfortunately for Alex while skydiving last year he had to pull his reserve parachute as he dislocated his arm on his way down to earth and was unable to access his main canopy.

VISITH DALUWATTA | Electrical Engineer

VISITH DALUWATTA | Electrical Engineer

Starting out Interning as a Process Control Engineer in Sri Lanka, and following up on that with an Internship as a Communications Engineer in Perth, Western Australia, Visith completed his Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in 2019. Having always had a passion for automation that his role at Vekta has allowed him to expand upon.

Visith has quickly come to realise the importance of timber framed housing and the advantages of the faster build times and durability timber provides. Growing up in Sri Lanka, all the houses were made from steel, brick and cement, so Visith has learned a great deal so far about the timber industry and is excited to learn more about, and to explore the possibilities of automation within it.

In the spare hours he has, Visith enjoys mixed martial arts, boxing, badminton also hiking and mountain climbing with friends.

CHAD GOULDING | Software Engineer

CHAD GOULDING | Software Engineer

Chad came to Vekta in 2013 as a software engineer with past experience in defence, telecommunications and the video game industry. Chad has a bachelor of Science in Visualisation with a keen interest in artificial intelligence and algorithm design which has benefited his role at Vekta.

Chad is in charge of ‘Simple’- the Razer software. His friendly nature and caring attitude makes him a favourite with all staff and customers. Chad enjoys gardening, bush walking and photography and travelling with his wife Lulu.

DARINA GASSANOVA | Customer Service Manager (Maternity Leave).

Darina joined Vekta in July 2018, as our Customer Relations Manager. She comes to Vekta with a wealth of customer service and management experience having previously worked at Swagelok and RAC. In 2015, Darina was named the RAC employee of the year. She has a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and Taxation and has completed various Entrepreneurship, management and sales coaching programs.

In 2016, Darina was involved with Jawun Indigenous Corporate Partnership that involved working on a project to help keep Indigenous families together. In her spare time, Darina enjoys camping and going on hiking adventures with her dog Jet, who is a dingo cross kelpie. For her holidays, Darina prefers to head North, with the Kimberley and Kakadu being her favourite places. Darina’s hidden talent is Ukranian dancing, and even appeared on television show, Australia’s Got Talent!

Photo of Jeff Serrano


Jeff Serrano, Ed’s younger brother is the third owner of Vekta Automation. Jeff always had an interest in Mechanical Engineering which saw him attend University at Purdue, USA. From the outset, Jeff brought fresh and clever ideas to address mechanical shortcomings of the Razer Saw and ancillary equipment resulting in Vekta equipment being more reliable, having improved functionality and being easier to maintain. In October 2014, Jeff started the US Manufacturing facility- Vekta USA in Minnesota. Jeff married Ashley in 2015 and they have since welcomed a daughter to their family, pushing their three cats down the line of importance!