Eliminate The Risk

Eliminate the risk!

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, handling is defined as: ‘Seizing, holding, grasping, turning, or otherwise working with the hand or hands.’ The overall view is that manual material handling tasks expose workers to physical risk factors including fatigue and injury. Aspects to be aware of include- awkward postures; repetitive motions; forceful exertions; pressure points and static postures.

In summary-

  • Employees lifting completed trusses and stacking them IS considered a manual material handling task
  • Having a team lifting policy- STILL a manual material handling task!


  • Ignore it- I’ve never had an issue- Why now?
  • Eliminate the risk while at the same time increase your plant productivity and efficiency!

In todays manufacturing world the highest level of risk elimination is by automating the manual task, for example, by using Robotics.

That is exactly what the Vekta StakPro Truss and Frame product lines do- eliminate the risk through automation.

Vekta’s StakPro Truss and Frame product lines are heavy duty, extendable booms that allow an operator to stack trusses and frames via a remote control. They are simple and easy to maintain pieces of equipment. There are even options available to further automate the process of stacking or handling the finished trusses and frames before and after stacking!

Why have many hands lifting trusses and frames when one operator can do the job with the use of a simple remote control!

The Interior StakPro Truss features a low working height of as little as 520mm to allow for easy workover and less obstruction when building trusses. The StakPro is customized to suit your manufacturing processes. You have the option of stacking either away or towards the direction of the apex (of the truss), regardless of the configuration of your jig system.

The Exterior Stakpro Truss can be adjusted to match the height of your roller line. It can be integrated with Vekta’s ‘Smart Roller Conveyor’ system for automatic handling and positioning of the finished trusses.  Our Truss Transfer can also be integrated so that finished stacks of trusses can be moved out of the way for strapping while a new stack is started.  (Stay tuned, exciting new products are in the pipeline at the moment that can also be applied in this area!)

The Stakpro Frame can handle panels up to 19 feet in length and fits on the output of your existing framing lines.  As with the Stakpro Truss systems, various levels of automation can be applied, either up front or as upgrade options, to meet current and future needs. There is also a heavy duty version that can be used for frames considerably heavier than normal. The truss transfers can be integrated here as well.

So, the benefits- the risk is eliminated- safety is improved! However, the Vekta StakPro product line also improves the efficiency and productivity of your plant. Plants that have adopted stacking technology for finished trusses and frames have reported

  • Significant labour savings in the actual stacking operation,
  • Fast and efficient- one person can stack even the largest of trusses
  • Plant productivity as a whole has increased- people are no longer off-task helping to stack final products.

In fact, some converts have reported that the only way to achieve full production on a truss or frame line is by using a stacking solution.

The Vekta StakPro Truss and Frame product line – the control measure required for stacking your finished products. Designed specifically for the timber frame and truss industry, matching the precise needs of your workers and with the added advantage of being customised to suit your plant and processes.

Eliminate the risk of manual material handling tasks and Contact Vekta!